This cuter than cute hedgehog is Instagram-famous

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In case you forgot in the chaos of the Trumpian news cycle, there was a moment in April (50 Trump years ago) in which Jared Kushner wore a flak jacket with his name on it over a sporty navy blazer. 

Is it becoming clearer now? Is your hazy memory, filled with bad quotes and images of the president shooting free throws with paper towels, beginning to formulate a clearer picture of Kushner wearing the goofy looking thing? Well, allow an ex-Obama speechwriter to clear things up for you with his Halloween costume.

Jon Favreau, the former Director of Speechwriting for President Obama, rocked the Kushner-style blazer under a labeled flak jacket. As an added flair, Favreau’s Kushner was handcuffed to Ivanka Trump (Emily Black Favreau).

Favreau is currently a co-host of the popular progressive podcast Pod Save America, on which Kushner is a frequent topic for discussion and mockery. 

Jared, I think they like you. Go on the pod!

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