The world’s longest pizza is over a mile long

Since the beginning of this exasperating year, there have been many, many debates on social media.

From politics to social justice, none have been more demanding than the infamous controversy on whether or not pineapples belong on pizza. 

Now, a new contender has surfaced sending Twitter users into an all-out frenzy. 

If you thought pineapple pizza was a bad idea, we regrettably introduce the strawberry pizza pie – and yes, it’s as gross as it sounds. 

While some people were smart enough to object the idea that strawberries should be eaten on top of a pizza slice, others, heaven knows why, were surprisingly down with the idea. 

No, no it doesn’t. 


Don’t be this guy. 

For all the pizza lovers out there, I beg of you, don’t try this at home. 

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