The Four People Who Know What Stormy Daniels Has on Trump

One Stormy Daniels confidant who knew of her alleged affair with President Trump is a gay photographer whose hubby supported Hillary Clinton.

Keith Munyan, a 56-year-old shutterbug in Los Angeles, was listed as one of four people inDaniels nondisclosure agreement as having confidential information about the alleged tryst between the porn star and the future commander in chief.

Indeed, Munyan was eavesdropping in 2006 when Trump offered to give Daniels a condominium, The New York Times reported.

Munyan didnt return messages seeking comment. But his husband, J.D. Barrale, said the 38-year-old Daniels is like their daughter.

Stormy is family to us, Barrale told The Daily Beast. We love her. Im hoping at one point in time shell be able to come forward with what her experience has been.

Also named in the hush agreement is Angel Ryan, revealed to be Jessica Drake, the porn actress who accused Trump of making unwanted sexual advances toward her at the same Lake Tahoe golf tournament where the president met Daniels. Drake is a client and friend of Munyan, according to the photogs social media posts.

In January, Drakes publicist revealed to The Daily Beast that Drake was not allowed to discuss Trump because of her own nondisclosure agreement.

Mike Mosny, Daniels ex-husband, and Gina Rodriguez, her manager, were also listed as having intel on Trump prior to Daniels signing the non-disparagement agreement.

Rodrigueza former adult actress turned publicistis now being represented by Daniels lawyer and has declined to comment on the NDA, according to The Washington Post. The day before the lawsuit dropped, she told The Associated Press that everything is off now, and Stormy is going to tell her story.

Mosny has said that Trump and Daniels were in close contact after meeting at the Tahoe tournament. An October 2016 piece by The Smoking Gun notes that at the time Daniels met Trump, she was living with Mosny; they would later marry (and then undergo a contentious divorce). Mosny told the site that Trump would call Daniels at their home and shed put the calls on speakerphone; and that he invited the actress to several events, including the launch of Trump Vodka. When asked if Daniels and Trump had been intimately involved, Mosny said he was not under the impression, adding, it would be surprising, but not shocking.

For Munyans part, Barrale said his husband has photographed Daniels for 15-plus years. They met during a photoshoot in Los Angeles and have been friends ever since. Indeed, Munyan shot the adult actress and directors 2007 wall calendar.

The LGBTQ activists live on a ranch with horses, Dalmatians, and one rabbit. They share a love of animals with Daniels, who keeps horses, too.

That girl knows how to ride a horse, Barrale said.

According to Rolling Stone, Daniels is a nationally ranked equestrian who last year injured her back in a show-jumping accident.

Daniels doesnt speak to her parents, but she calls Munyan her dad, Rolling Stone reported.

Barrale declined to comment on the alleged Trump affair but said Munyan knew he was listed in the nondisclosure agreement. When asked what Daniels was going through, Barrale said, I cant say a word on that.

Shes very smart. Shes a great friend. Shes avoided all the pitfalls the entertainment industry can offer a young woman and [has] come out with her head and heart intact, Barrale said in a phone call Friday.

Still, Barrale and his husband dont appear to be big fans of Trump.

In July of 2017, Munyan reposted a meme on Instagram of a soldier silenced by rainbow tape. Is this a Man or a Woman? Does it Matter? Did they serve this country? Protect Transgender rights, the image declared.

The posts text stated, in part, Our president is an absolute moron and he will go down in history as such and included hashtags #transequality and #dumptrump.

On Jan. 21, 2017, Munyan reposted images supporting the Womens March in D.C. One post had raised, manicured fists and included the hashtag #imwithher.

Another featured the crowds at the march. There are already more people at the National Mall for the @WomensMarch On Washington than attended Trumps inauguration, read the post, which used hashtags #AddHerName and #hillaryclinton.

Barrales social media is much more cutting.

In February 2016, Barrale posted art of a nudeand poorly endowedpresident. Teenie Weenie Donald Trump, the biggest JackAss on the planet, if this is the best the Republicans can do, well… #useless #phoney #wasteoftime #karmawillgetyou, Barrale wrote.

Meanwhile, in May 2017, Barrale was quoted in a Los Angeles Times reader poll on Trumps first 100 days in office. Seventy-five percent of participants gave the president an F grade, and Barrale was one of them.

Without a doubt, the Trump Presidency has been the worst moment in recent U.S. history, Barrale told the Times. The sham of calling what is going on in Washington, D.C. the Democratic Process boggles the mind. The saddest part is on a personal level, family and friend relationships are being destroyed by our differences.

Barrale, who records show donated $242 to Clintons campaign, said he didnt want to color Daniels story with his political leanings.

We probably dont fit the mold of a typical Trump supporter in any way, shape, or form, Barrale told The Daily Beast, before quipping, Im sure the Trump campaign will not be asking me for a donation.

Daniels filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming that the hush agreement, negotiated weeks before the 2016 presidential election and resulting in a $130,000 payout to the actress, was invalid because Trump never signed it.

And because Trumps personal attorney, Michael Cohen, spoke publicly about the payoff, Daniels claims he breached their contract.

Cohen personally wired the hush money to Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. The lawyer used his Trump Organization email to negotiate the deal and facilitate the transfer of funds, NBC News reported Friday.

The revelation appears to contradict Cohens claims that [n]either the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the payment.

Daniels lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County, included a copy of the settlement agreement.

The contract demanded the porn star give Trump any propertywhich could include video images, still images, and text messagesrelated to him.

On Tuesday, Seth Meyers dug into the contract language and concluded, So we are looking at the very real possibility that Donald Trump sent Stormy Daniels a dick pic.

Can you even imagine? the late-night host said. Oh, you can, and thats why youre making those awful noises. It would look like a flaming-hot Cheeto sitting on a Brillo pad.

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