Seth Meyers Slams Cartoonishly Corrupt Jared Kushner Over Shady Loans

On Thursday nights edition of Late Night, host Seth Meyers dedicated his A Closer Look segment to how the Trump White keeps getting engulfed in new scandals on a seemingly daily basis, with the latest surrounding Trump son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

Last night, we learned that Kushner accepted half a billion dollars in loans from companies after meeting with officials from those companies at the White House, said Meyers.

The New York Times reported that Joshua Harris, founder of Apollo Global Management, met with Kushner at the White House. Months later, Harris lent $184 million to Kushners family real estate film, Kushner Companies. The bombshell story also revealed that Kushner secured a $325 million loan from Citigroup shortly after meeting with Citigroup CEO Michael L. Corbat at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

You know that thing where a friend asks you for money because hes in a jam and you decide, hey, hes your friend, youll help him out, so you say, How much do you need? and he says, Half a billion dollars, and you say, What the fuck did you do? Thats Jared Kushner, Meyers joked.

He added, That is cartoonishly corrupt. How much more suspicious could Jared Kushner get? He took millions in loans from companies he met in the White House, tried to set up a secret channel to talk to Russia, cant get a security clearance or complete a background check, and lurks ominously in the background of every White House photo like hes the ghost of a boy Trump killed with an errant tee shot.

In case you missed it, Kushners interim security clearance was downgraded from Top-Secret to Secret by chief of staff John Kelly, whos reportedly earned the ire of first daughter Ivanka Trump and Kushner for taking steps to reduce the unqualified rich kids influence in the White House.

So the big question now is this, said Meyers. Why does Jared Kushner still have a job at the White House?

Why indeed.

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