How to Monetize Your Content And Keep Visitors On Your Page Longer video 3

How to Monetize Your Content And Keep Visitors On Your Page Longer video 3

Animated images or GIF’s as they are called, are very useful to stand out from the crowd when your visitor lands on your page. These GIF Images instantly grab the attention of your website visitor. However, the problem is they don’t provide sound.
SpeakEz solves this problem by adding a voice over to your GIF images. People simply hover over your image and it automatically start to speak.

SpeakEz also enables you to transform your pages into podcasts by adding a simple line of code to your website using the latest text-to-speech narration technology. Now you can let your visitors listen to your page instead of reading it.

Expect these great features with SpeakEz:

Simple: Allow visitors to seamlessly transition from reading your content, into enjoying a captivating narrated audio version they can have read to them at their leisure.
Use Anywhere: Whether synced up to a bluetooth device, in the car, or even while multitasking with other apps, SpeakEz totally works.
One Click Play Button: With SpeakEz, visitors can navigate your audio visually by pressing the playback icons on your page.
Fully Automated: Simply select the voice you want to use, copy the code that SpeakEz has created and paste it in the Head Tag of your site, and SpeakEz places the play buttons on your site automatically.
Voice Over GIF’s: Capture attention with Voice Over GIF’s
Enter New Markets: With SpeakEz you can enter new language markets with ease, by using the auto translation feature that will speak to in your visitors' native language!
Software as a Service: You have nothing to install, just use your login credentials and you are ready to go!
Speed Reading: Allow your visitors to read your text in 5 times the speed by adjusting the narration speed.
Auto-play: Get your narration to auto-play when visitors land on your page so you can direct them to what they should do next! Combine this with a GIF and you get your visitor to instantly engage!
Pitch Modifier: Change the pitch rate of the voice you have selected, to suite your preference.
I am really excited about this new software and you should be too!   I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to add voice to your pages!

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