Getting election dates wrong seems to run in the Trump family

Yeah buddy, thumbs up to you.
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Man, it seems that if you’re a Trump kid, the whole ~voting thing~ is HARD.

In just the latest way the Trump kids have bungled the process, Donald Trump Jr. is apparently confused about the date of election day in some states — such as in Virginia, where a tight governor’s race is underway. For the record, election day is November 7.

In two Tweets on Tuesday, DTJ encouraged his Twitter followers to go out and vote for the Republican governor candidate Ed Gillespie – “tomorrow.”

Apparently, he’s following in the footsteps of his dad with more than just his name. Back before he was president, Donald told his supporters in Florida to vote on the wrong day, too.

But it looks like someone recently caught the younger Trump’s mistake. He also tweeted to go out and vote “TODAY” (nice use of the all caps for emphasis, bruh) just a couple hours after the most recent Tweet with the incorrect date. 

While it’s fun to poke fun at the pedestrian mistakes of the first son, careless errors like this could actually have an impact. DTJ has over 2 million Twitter followers. And with more people eschewing the press as their trustworthy source of information than ever before, Trump’s “straight from the horse’s mouth” words could be taken as the unimpeachable truth.

Let’s hope not.

UPDATE Nov. 7 4:30 p.m. ET

Donald Trump Jr.’s second tweet from this morning has been deleted. We have included a screenshot in its place.

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