Child president tries to befriend little boy who mowed the White House lawn, memes follow

"Do you wanna come play with me at Mar-a-Lago?"
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Frank Giacco, 11, absolutely loves the White House lawn. The president of the United States though?

Frankly, he just DGAF.

At least that’s how it appeared to observers who watched Giacco mow the White House lawn this Friday. Giacco had previously written to the White House asking if he could mow the lawn free of charge because “I would like to show the nation what young people like me are ready for” (free child labor).

The president approached the child as if to strike up a conversation: the two are, after all, the same emotional age. But Giacco, high on the scent of fresh grass and the roar of a quality engine, didn’t want to play with big ol’ Donny Trump on the playground, at least in this photo. Unlike Trump, he cares about the work he’s assigned.  

These memes tell the whole damn story. 

Will Trump move out of that “dump” of a White House and be invited into Giacco’s tree house to play? Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Our President Is a Child.

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