Barack Obama showed up to jury duty and now we have FOMO

Former President Barack Obama arrives for Cook County jury duty.
Image: Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Barack Obama has done the unthinkable: given millions of people FOMO over not serving jury duty.

Former President Barack Obama was at Chicago’s Richard J. Daley Center on Wednesday to perform his civic responsibility and show up for jury duty. And even though everything about jury duty — from the boring AF intro video to the hours of waiting in uncomfortable folding chairs surrounded by strangers — is often dreaded, TBH, jury duty looked totally lit with Obama there.

Obama was reportedly called to serve in late October at Cook County, where he’s registered to vote. It’s impeccable timing considering he and Michelle recently hosted The Obama Foundation Summit in the good old windy city.

According to The Chicago Tribune after visiting his South Side home, the former POTUS arrived to the Daley Center on Wednesday morning at around 10 a.m. to a very excited group of prospective jurors.

People use their phones to capture former President Barack Obama at jury duty.

Image: Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Since cell phones are allowed in the assembly room, the outside world was given a sneak peak at Obama’s celeb jury duty status, and ugh we are so jealous.

In a video posted to Twitter, Obama can be seen thanking those in attendance for their service and walking around to individually greet people and shake their hands. NO BIG DEAL.

Though it’s still unknown whether the former president was chosen to sit on a jury, according to a tweet which says “Obama walking out of jury duty,” he may have already completed his civic duty for the day. Either way, he’ll receive an exciting $17.20 for each day he serves.

As The Chicago Tribune noted, Obama isn’t the first ex-president to be called for jury duty. Both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have stepped up to the plate in the past.

What a way to spend the anniversary of election day.

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