Trump Administrations Womens Rights Lip Service Turns Irony Up to 11

May 24, 2017

… of deportation. Fadia Najib Thabet is a Yemeni woman who worked with the United Nations to reduce the number of child soldiers fighting for al Qaeda. The Trump administration has threatened to cut off funding to the United Nations. She also works on behalf of child refugees that, had Trump gotten his travel ban enacted, would have been been barred from the U.S. Sister Carolin Tahhan Fachakh works with women in Syria displaced by the conflict. Trumps aforementioned travel ban would make life more …


P.C. Trump Abandons Radical Islamic Terror

May 23, 2017

… already moved to stiffen unilateral sanctions against Tehran to punish it for its continuing ballistic missiles tests, as well as its support of Houthi rebels in Yemen and the regime of Bashar al Assad in Syria. The speechs anti-Iran but pro-Islam tone was evocative of the measured addresses of George W. Bush to the Arab world, as he rallied Muslim support to battle al Qaeda after the attacks of 9/11. Our war is not against Islam, or against faith practiced by the Muslim people. Our war is a …