Indian ad with transgender mom stirs debate — and tears

April 20, 2017

New Delhi (CNN)An advert challenging the norms of a traditional family in India has gone viral, with more than 9 million views on YouTube. The ad’s storyline pushes the issue of transgender rights within the country and reveals the human side of the issue in just three and a half minutes. Released online on March 31, the commercial by medicine company Vicks tells the true story of Gayatri, a young Indian orphan who was adopted by Gauri Sawant, a 37-year-old Mumbai-based transgender woman …


Nebraska ban on LGBT foster parents to end, court rules

April 8, 2017

(CNN)The Nebraska Supreme Court upheld a decision to strike down a ban on same-sex couples becoming foster parents. The court compared the ban on its decision to “a sign reading ‘Whites Only’ on the hiring-office door.” Since 1995, same-sex couples had been barred from becoming licensed foster-care providers in Nebraska. …


CNN 10 – April 7, 2017

April 7, 2017

… the U.S. capital, where Senate Republicans have been working to get President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch, confirmed to the high court. A few Democrats said they’d vote for Judge Gorsuch as well, but most of them have been working to block the nomination. And in the back and forth between the political parties, both a filibuster and the nuclear option came into play yesterday. We defined these terms on Wednesday’s show. You can find that in our archives at …


Ended: Supreme Court confirmation hearing day 2

March 22, 2017

(CNN)The Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. CNN has full coverage of Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing and other big politics stories of the day on Apple News, and television. Explore the latest Trump administration news at CNN Politics. …


Takeaways from day one of the Gorsuch hearings

March 21, 2017

Washington (CNN)Fireworks are expected on day two of the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. On Tuesday, each senator on the Judiciary Committee will get 30 minutes to grill President Donald Trump’s pick. The session is expected to last 10 hours, following a lengthy and telling round of opening statements from senators and Gorsuch. Here’s what we learned Monday and what’s tap for Tuesday: …


Schumer’s warning about Gorsuch is dead wrong

March 20, 2017

(CNN)Senator Chuck Schumer is warning his colleagues about Neil Gorsuch in advance of the judge’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings this week. Schumer told reporters that Gorsuch “may act like a neutral, calm judge, but his record and his career clearly show he harbors a right wing, pro-corporate, special interest agenda.” “He enacted it time and time again on the 10th Circuit, and if given the chance I have no doubt he would do it again on the Supreme Court. He …


Looking back on the political gambles of May and Sturgeon – BBC News

March 19, 2017

… for her leadership, such an election would be doubly so. But there is another significant Holyrood vote on the horizon – on the UK government’s so-called “Great Repeal Bill” as part of the Brexit process. The UK government has already confirmed that the Scottish Parliament’s consent should be sought for that legislation. Given the pro-independence majority, Holyrood could quite easily withhold that consent. And while the Supreme Court has noted that the Scottish …


What is Neil Gorsuch’s religion? It’s complicated

March 19, 2017

WASHINGTON (CNN)Earlier this month, the Trump administration summoned two dozen religious leaders to a private meeting. The mission: to rally support for Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. According to several participants, White House staffers emphasized Gorsuch’s robust defense of religious rights as a judge on the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals. In one prominent decision, Gorsuch argued that the government should rarely, if ever, coerce the consciences of believers. …


Santorum: Trump ‘hurting himself’ with wiretap allegations

March 17, 2017

(CNN)Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum made it clear Thursday night that he is not a fan of President Trump’s repeated allegations that former President Obama wiretapped him, warning Trump is only “hurting himself.” The former Pennsylvania senator supported Donald Trump for president and has backed him on a variety of issues, ranging from trade and immigration to Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court. But during an appearance on CNN’s Erin …


Trump rails against court ruling blocking travel ban

March 16, 2017

Nashville (CNN)President Donald Trump on Wednesday decried a federal judge’s decision to block the travel ban he enacted via a revised executive order as a politically motivated decision that makes the US look “weak” and vowed to take his case to the Supreme Court if necessary. “The order he blocked was a watered-down version of the first order that was also blocked by another judge and should have never been blocked to start with,” Trump said during a rally in …