The British resistance is coming at you with Google docs

April 23, 2017

Everyone loves a good spreadsheet, right?!Image: Christopher Mineses / mashable The resistance is alive in Britain, and it’s armed with a spreadsheet. A super detailed, exquisitely crafted Google spreadsheet called “How to Vote to Stop the Tories” started doing the rounds on social media almost immediately after a snap election was called last Tuesday. SEE ALSO: This woman’s outraged response to the general election has gone gloriously viral It’s a detailed guide …


General election 2017: Tories move to dampen tax hike fears – BBC News

April 22, 2017

… or national insurance. But now Conservative insiders are emphasising that does not mean the forthcoming manifesto will automatically abandon this position. The content of the document is yet to be agreed – but the swiftness of the response suggests that headlines in some Conservative supporting newspapers, speculating on tax rises, were far from welcome. On Thursday, Mr Hammond told the BBC’s Kamal Ahmed that “we do need to make sure that Theresa May and her government have a …


This is what protest sounds like

April 21, 2017

… able to be here tomorrow; we’re going to fight to save this nation and fight to save ourselves.” “But,” she continues, “it’s also like, ‘We’re right’ — this is a morally righteous cause.” More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsPush response with UNLIMITED messages [yearly] Push response is #1 Message Autoresponder. You get LIFETIME account which includes UNLIMITED messages, UNLIMITED list, 25k subscribers LIFETIME …


Car insurance premiums ‘jump by 110’ – BBC News

April 12, 2017

“A prang on a bumper is now not only a piece of plastic to be replaced, but a cacophony of sensors and cameras,” a spokeswoman said. Injury payouts Insurers have also raised prices in response to a new formula for calculating compensation payments, according to the comparison site’s research. In March, when the changes kicked in, premiums rose 4%, found. How to get the cheapest car insurance Chancellor moves to ease insurers’ fears The …


US aircraft carrier-led strike group headed toward Korean Peninsula

April 9, 2017

(CNN)A US aircraft carrier-led strike group is headed toward the Western Pacific Ocean near the Korean Peninsula, a US defense official confirmed to CNN.Adm. Harry Harris, the commander of U.S. Pacific Command, directed the USS Carl Vinson strike group to sail north to the Western Pacific after departing Singapore on Saturday, Pacific Command announced. The move of the Vinson strike group is in response to recent North Korean provocations, the official said. It is not uncommon for aircraft …


How Trump is squandering his power with China and Egypt

April 5, 2017

(CNN)Leaders of repressive governments, like Egypt’s and China’s, have long braced themselves for bilateral visits with American presidents and Cabinet officials, because they know they will be hearing about human rights and freedom of speech. They have to worry about protests, about the response from civil society and the uncensored press. This fear has long given American leaders of both parties the leverage to send a strong message to foreign leaders in support of our values. …


Kelly says DHS won’t separate families at the border

March 30, 2017

… “frustration” but others called “positive.” Kelly also said he intends to hold a conference this spring on improving conditions in Central America, and discussed the status of deferred action recipients in the wide-ranging meeting. In response to a question from California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Kelly said that DHS wouldn’t be separating mothers and children at the border unless there was an extenuating reason, such as illness, according to several Democrats who …


London mayor shuts down Trump Jr. tweet: I have more important things to do

March 24, 2017

(CNN)A day after a terror attack in his city left three people dead and as many as 40 wounded, London Mayor Sadiq Khan says he has more important things to do than respond to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr. Wednesday, President Trump’s son tweeted, “You have to be kidding me?!” in response Khan’s assertion in 2016 to The Independent newspaper that terror attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a major city. “I’m not going to respond to a tweet …


Source: ICE is targeting ‘sanctuary cities’ with raids

March 24, 2017

(CNN)Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been targeting so-called “sanctuary cities” with increased enforcement operations in an effort to pressure those jurisdictions to cooperate with federal immigration agents, a senior US immigration official with direct knowledge of ongoing ICE actions told CNN. A sanctuary city is a broad term applied to states, cities and/or counties that have policies in place designed to limit cooperation or involvement in the enforcement of federal …


A city stilled, shocked and then enraged by attack

March 23, 2017

… are only allowing people to cross over but not return toward the city. Pedestrians must go around another way. Emergency response vehicles continue to stream past every few minutes. London Ambulance Service vehiclesare parked in a barrier across the south end of Westminster Bridge and in front of St. Thomas’ Hospital. Up ahead, blue flashing lights signal where people in white crime-scene bodysuits have come to examine the scene. …


Looking back on the political gambles of May and Sturgeon – BBC News

March 19, 2017

… that might be, but on those terms it doesn’t seem likely a new vote could happen anytime before late 2020. The Europe question Image copyright Scottish Parliament Image caption Votes on many Holyrood motions are not binding The Scottish government now argues that the Holyrood vote on a Section 30 order is more important than ever. In the end, it was the focus of Ms Sturgeon’s big conference speech. But Mrs May’s response assumes that this vote will be approved. Ms …