This is what protest sounds like

April 21, 2017

… Overcome,’” Imani recalls in the CNN original series “Soundtracks: Songs that Defined history,” referring to the popular hymn that has been sung as a protest anthem around the world. The song has its roots in an African-American spiritual from the early 1900s, and became a call for resistance and freedom during the African-American struggle for civil rights. VIDEO: Why Public Enemy’s ‘Fight the Power’ matters The year: …


Gen. Allen: Trump should call Turkey’s President back — and say this

April 19, 2017

… public airing, where he’s unambiguous as the President of the United States on his concerns over human rights, on freedom of the press, on the rights of women, on freedom of religion and the rule of law and all the necessary actions to preserve the democratic institutions of Turkey.” Referring to Erdogan, Allen warned that “history tells us that when you accumulate that much authority in one single person, it often doesn’t go very well.” …


‘Diablo 3’s Necromancer class introduces the best companion ever: The Flesh Golem

April 17, 2017

… class, two character slots, two stash tabs, and other cosmetics. From what we’ve played so far, the new content is every bit as satisfying and exciting as the Reaper of Souls expansion was when it released in 2014. SEE ALSO: Diablo 3 Is the Fastest-Selling PC Game in history Note: The beta I played was a not complete version of the game, so some in-game text seen in the clips and screenshots below may be using placeholder text indicated by a “{PH}” and could change before …


Trump, shocked by Assad, discussed chemical weapons history at Mar-a-Lago

April 13, 2017

… White House around Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s chemical attack, sources with knowledge of the briefing told CNN. The briefing document, one source said, examined “the history of battlefield uses of chemical weapons” that was meant to “demonstrate the declining acceptability of these weapons.” The document showed the “trend line of acceptability of use of these weapons” and how they are only used by “the worst outliers.” …


‘SNL’ gets Trump and O’Reilly just right

April 10, 2017

(CNN)“Saturday Night Live” returned after a three-week hiatus and delivered a stinging and bold comedic takedown of both Bill O’Reilly and President Donald Trump’s alleged history of sexual misconduct with women. Although “SNL” was unfair in one way — it lumped Trump and O’Reilly’s history of sexism together — when in reality Trump’s is far worse. The show opened the show with Alec Baldwin as Trump at a town hall meeting in …


CNN 10 – April 7, 2017

April 7, 2017

April 7, 2017 In today’s show, you’ll learn about some of the history and significance of the nuclear option, which was employed after a filibuster yesterday in the U.S. Senate. Following a sweep of severe storms across the U.S., we’re explaining the difference between a tornado watch and warning. And we’re looking at a method by which birdlike drones are keeping their natural counterparts away from airports. WEEKLY NEWSQUIZ Click for a printable version of the Weekly …


The only 4 things you need to know about Trump and Russia

April 1, 2017

… questions under oath about the Trump team’s alleged Russian connections. That’s the news. What follows is a reminder of how we got here. It’s not a timeline, but four distinct points that, if properly digested, will help put the next big scoop into its proper context. First, though, some quick history. Vladimir Putin has some deep-seated issues with the US — and Hillary Clinton Russian politics have a reputation for being a difficult to decode. As stereotypes go, …


Daily Mail is getting dragged all over town for this mindblowingly sexist front page

March 29, 2017

… you become PM, we’ll still only care about your bloody legs,” wrote one outraged Twitter user. history? Politics? Intelligence? Aptitude? Naaaaaaahhhh Let’s just judge everyone on their legs… Here’s a shapely pair of pins! #legsit Gemma Lawrence (@TudorTweep) March 28, 2017 One person suggested they could even be reminiscent of those held in the Dark Ages. But what’s this @DailyMailUK ? No Legs-it headline for Scotland? Is …


13 feminists with legendary Twitter game

March 26, 2017

… has become a new battleground to be won. Here are thirteen women whose Twitter game is on point: 1. Caitlin Moran Caitlin Moran, journalist and feminist author, is known for her frank feminism. She isn’t afraid to go there. Periods, body hair, sex. No stone is left unturned in Moran’s quest for equality. Hey women who are anti-feminist because you think it’ll get you laid: There’s dick on the right side of history too – and it’s better. Sofie Hagen …


Ex-spies weigh in on Russian hacking allegations

March 24, 2017

(CNN)President Donald Trump’s campaign and its alleged ties to Russia has been a big part of the political conversation this week. Russia’s interest in the United States is not new. During the Cold War, Russian agents were planted on US soil to spy on the country, and many of them were caught by the FBI. CNN spoke to KGB and FBI agents about the Russia hacking allegations and how espionage has changed over the years. Jack Barsky …


George Osborne: Second-job rules for MPs to be examined – BBC News

March 19, 2017

“We had something that, up to a degree, worked. It now seems to be getting into rockier waters,” the peer said. George Osborne to edit London newspaper Osborne job prompts call for inquiry George Osborne: From history buff to austerity editor Mr Osborne, who is the MP for Tatton and Cheshire, was announced as the new editor for the free daily paper on Friday. This latest job is in addition to his work as: An after-dinner speaker in the US Chairman of the Northern Powerhouse …


Red, white or pink? Women’s rights don’t come color-coded

March 11, 2017

… its limits. I understand that visual symbols of solidarity are important, but when meanings are ascribed to these colors, as they are, we run into peculiar and often misleading interpretations of history. Join us on Twitter and Facebook These lovely images that purport to embody the suffrage movement, then, are sanitized pictures of a particular time and particular people. Although we could not have gotten to today without that movement, I say that if we’re nodding to anything, we …


Amazon isn’t solely to blame for wreckage in the retail industry

March 11, 2017

… point a finger at the 800-pound gorilla the one with a history of eating bookstores for breakfast (and now, ironically, building its own). Amazon has a stranglehold on the e-commerce market, and there’s no doubt it’s draining a growing portion of real-world sales as consumers take their shopping online. But many experts argue that the go-to narrative of tech disruption alone doesn’t always tell the whole story. One is Brendan Witcher, a retail and e-commerce analyst at research …


First lady Melania Trump touts equality at International Women’s Day luncheon

March 9, 2017

… history,” Trump said according to her prepared remarks obtained by CNN from Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, senior adviser and chief strategist to the first lady. The first lady spoke from a podium in the State Dining Room, focusing on atrocities women are confronted with around the world, including human trafficking. The room of exclusively female attendees was briefly joined for part of the luncheon by two men: President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence made an …


Sessions recusal: What’s next?

March 3, 2017

… name an independent counsel after receiving credible allegations of criminal misconduct by a federal employe whose prosecution might give rise to an appearance of a conflict of interest. Yet the law was widely criticized by many after Kenneth Starr’s lengthy investigation into President Bill Clinton, and in 1999, Congress allowed the independent counsel provisions of the law to lapse. “The law was not drafted tightly enough. But in this case, cognizant and wary of that history, we …