The British resistance is coming at you with Google docs

April 23, 2017

Everyone loves a good spreadsheet, right?!Image: Christopher Mineses / mashable The resistance is alive in Britain, and it’s armed with a spreadsheet. A super detailed, exquisitely crafted Google spreadsheet called “How to Vote to Stop the Tories” started doing the rounds on social media almost immediately after a snap election was called last Tuesday. SEE ALSO: This woman’s outraged response to the General election has gone gloriously viral It’s a detailed guide …


General election 2017: Tories move to dampen tax hike fears – BBC News

April 22, 2017

Before winning the 2015 General election, the Conservatives promised no rises in VAT, national insurance contributions, or income tax. Analysis By Iain Watson, BBC News political correspondent The American revolutionary Benjamin Franklin said the two great certainties were tax and death. And certainly commitments to push tax rates up can prove fatal to political campaigns. Philip Hammond criticised the constraints placed on him by his party’s previous pledges not to raise income tax …


Sessions has no regrets for Hawaii remark

April 22, 2017

(CNN)Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday he was not disrespecting Hawaii or a judge in the state when he said he was “amazed” that the official was able to block President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban halting immigration from several majority Muslim countries. “I wasn’t criticizing the judge or the island,” he told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on “At This Hour.” “I think it’s a fabulous place and had a granddaughter born …


General election 2017: Corbyn focuses on ‘super-sized’ classes – BBC News

April 21, 2017

With under seven weeks to go until polling day, parties are racing to select candidates and prepare for the snap 8 June election, announced by Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday. What you need to know about the General election Plan to raise death legal fees ditched Parties race to choose candidates Mr Corbyn, who insisted on Thursday that he can defy the polls and “change the direction” of the election, has used Labour analysis of Department for Education figures to focus on …


General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn vows to ‘change poll’s course’ – BBC News

April 20, 2017

… people don’t want us to win. Because when we win, it’s the people, not the powerful, who win.” What you need to know about the General election Which MPs are going – and which ones might return? Corbyn rules out SNP coalition PM says no to election debates Gates urges UK to protect foreign aid He will add: “They say I don’t play by the rules – their rules. We can’t win, they say, because we don’t play their game. “They’re quite …


Trump Is Willing to Consider a Sudden Strike on North Korea

April 18, 2017

In the wake of North Korea’s failed medium-range airstrikes in Syria, for unannounced military action. He added that the North Korean leader’s unpredictability complicated U.S. strategy. McMaster, an Army lieutenant General, made the case for global action on the issue, including enlisting North Korean neighbor China, given the “brutality” of Kim’s regime. “This is someone who has demonstrated his brutality by murdering his own brother, by murdering …


How ‘Fixer Upper’ star Joanna Gaines is keeping up with Kim Kardashian

April 17, 2017

… tears, and shiplap brought everything to life. Synergy! Joanna models Magnolia merch. #Shiplap Image: Kim models Kimoji merch. New KIMOJI Merch available for just the weekend! Go to or my app to get it! A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Aug 19, 2016 at 2:48pm PDT Chip and Jo ventured into publishing, too, with a book that is not quite as straightforward as Kardashian West’s Selfish, but the same General idea. …


Pupils as young as four having panic attacks, say teachers – BBC News

April 14, 2017

… asked about how it affected pupil behaviour, most teachers agreed that it led to an inability to concentrate in class and led to a pupil being isolated from other students or have problems making friends. ‘Expert gap’ Chris Keates, NASUWT General secretary warned there was concern among teachers about a gap in the availability of experts and counselling to help children with mental health needs. “It is clear that teachers and school leaders are seeing many more children and …


Report: VA hospital in D.C. putting ‘patients at unnecessary risk’

April 13, 2017

(CNN)The Department of Veterans Affairs’ inspector General says practices at the Washington VA Medical Center are putting “patients at unnecessary risk,” and the VA has removed the director of the hospital from his position, assigning him to temporary administrative duties. A report out Wednesday raised several concerns related to staffing shortages, dirty storage areas and failure to keep track of medical equipment, leading to shortages that could endanger patient health. …


Trump nominates John Sullivan for No. 2 spot at State

April 12, 2017

… chairman of the United States-Iraq Business Dialogue, a government advisory committee that dealt with US-Iraq economic relations. He also held senior positions at the Justice, Defense, and Commerce departments, including as deputy secretary and General counsel at Commerce, deputy General counsel at Defense and counselor to Assistant Attorney General J. Michael Luttig. …


Hate crimes focal point of new DOJ task force

April 6, 2017

(CNN)Attorney General Jeff Sessions provided an update on the Justice Department’s new crime reduction task force Wednesday, including new details on a subcommittee that will specifically focus on hate crime prevention. In a letter to US Attorney’s offices across the country, Sessions explained that the Hate Crimes Subcommittee “will develop a plan to appropriately address hate crimes to better protect the rights of all Americans.” “We must also protect the …


Trump discusses wiretapping tweet and Merkel in Financial Times

April 3, 2017

… quotes — wiretapped, meaning surveilled. Guess what, it is turning out to be true,” he said. Trump didn’t go further to explain how his claims were being proved, but about his Twitter habit in General he said, “I don’t regret anything, because there is nothing you can do about it.” Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH …


McCain: No comparison between Trump and Reagan

April 2, 2017

… Defense Secretary James Mattis; Lt. General H.R. McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser; and John F. Kelly, the Homeland Security secretary, McCain called the group “the strongest (national security team) I’ve seen.” But the Arizona senator said their appreciation for global institutions and America’s leadership role stood in contrast with the views of his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and policy director Stephen Miller, who are seen as the architects of …


#TBT: Margaret Chase Smith and her ‘place in the sun’

March 31, 2017

… sex and age were counted against her by opponents and the press. Just for some context, President Ronald Reagan and President Donald Trump were both older than Smith was when they took office. At the 1964 Republican National Convention, Smith became the first woman to be submitted for the nomination of a major party in the US. She received 27 delegate votes and lost to Barry Goldwater. He went on to lose the General election to President Lyndon B. Johnson. Smith suffered her second loss in …


Crayola is killing off a classic crayon and say goodbye to your childhood

March 29, 2017

… can expect that there will be a new, exciting color coming soon!Of course, the 24 box will always have that number of crayons.” Have you seen our larger than life crayon box in Herald Square in NYC?! Tag us in your photos & click the link in our bio to find out #whosleaving the box on 3/31/17! A post shared by Crayola (@crayola) on Mar 26, 2017 at 5:24pm PDT Everything wrong with this heartless decision: The General timing of this ordeal: Do we really need this added drama …


13 feminists with legendary Twitter game

March 26, 2017

… which is her exact attitude when it comes to her tweets. The feminist and FGM survivor uses her voice to advocate for women’s rights, especially women who are at risk of, or have experienced FGM. .@UN_Women @phumzileunwomen @e_nyamayaro Emma Watson (@EmmaWatson) August 1, 2014 13. J.K. Rowling J.K. Rowling is the queen of Twitter troll takedowns. The author is a savage when it comes to hitting back at intolerance, misogyny, and General idiocy. Rowling …


Ex-spies weigh in on Russian hacking allegations

March 24, 2017

(CNN)President Donald Trump’s campaign and its alleged ties to Russia has been a big part of the political conversation this week. Russia’s interest in the United States is not new. During the Cold War, Russian agents were planted on US soil to spy on the country, and many of them were caught by the FBI. CNN spoke to KGB and FBI agents about the Russia hacking allegations and how espionage has changed over the years. Jack Barsky …


$27,000 melons? Unwrapping the high price of Japan’s luxury fruit habit

March 23, 2017

(CNN)It looks like a jewelry shop with its high-end exterior. But a peek inside the sparkling glass display cases at any of Sembikiya‘s Tokyo outlets reveals expensive treasures of a surprising kind. From heart-shaped watermelons to “Ruby Roman” grapes, which are the size of a ping pong ball, this retailer specializes in selling mouth-watering produce at eye-watering prices. Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH …


Tillerson plan to skip NATO, visit Russia puts allies on edge

March 22, 2017

Washington (CNN)The State Department scrambled Tuesday to suggest new dates for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to attend a meeting of NATO foreign ministers after his plan to skip the annual gathering — but travel to Russia — came to light. Tillerson’s decision to miss his first NATO meeting but visit Russia a week later plunged his department into damage control, frustrated allies and left analysts scratching their heads at an administration that once again is rubbing …


Trump’s wiretapping accusation comes to a head at Comey hearing

March 20, 2017

… officials, including Obama’s former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, have said that there was no evidence to substantiate such links. “I think, ultimately, that matters more to most Americans, given the nature of the allegations that have been made in the past several months about Donald Trump and his campaign and some of his associates,” Cotton said. Still, the shifting explanations of meetings last year between Trump aides, among them Attorney General Jeff …


UN report on Israeli ‘apartheid’ sets off diplomatic fireworks

March 18, 2017

(CNN)Memo to critics of Israel inside the UN system: Prepare to pay a price. The sizeable impact of President Donald Trump’s new administration on the UN reverberated again Friday when an undersecretary-General resigned after a UN agency report said Israel was using apartheid-style practices on Palestinians. The US under Trump has made it quite clear it will defend Israel perhaps more than all other countries at the UN. So when what might have been an obscure report by a small UN group, …


Instead of telling women who could get pregnant not to drink, try trusting them

March 10, 2017

… this data tells me women are aware of their bodies,” Hartmann said. “They are making good decisions … We just found it so heartening that behavior immediately changed.” When Hartmann took a closer look at those who continued to drink, she made a surprising discovery. Women who were older, white, college-educated, made more money and were pregnant with their first child, were the most likely to throw one back. “In General, I think this is a more intelligent …


Trump and Russia: What the fallout could be

March 7, 2017

(CNN)US President Donald Trump’s Russia problems seem to be getting worse by the week — Attorney General Jeff Sessions has become the latest senior Trump official to be found within a murky web of ties and contacts to Russia. But the communications between key Trump aides and Moscow officials are just some of the Russia-induced headaches for Trump that are threatening to overshadow his political agenda. While some of Trump’s Russia issues are mere nuisances, others could …


How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way – Building Curves, Adding Muscle & Shape

March 6, 2017

… information provided by Fitness Blender is of a General nature and is furnished only for educational/entertainment purposes only. No information is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual specific health or medical condition. You agree that use of this information is at your own risk and hold Fitness Blender harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries or damages resulting from any and all claims. Recommended ProductsReady Made Gooses This course …