What the federal government can get from your voter file

July 6, 2017

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump’s election integrity commission won’t have access to all of the information it would like because of state laws that map out what is and what is not publicly available — triggering a national conversation on the privacy of voters’ information. The letter said the commission is seeking to collect feedback from the states that can be used in its work studying the US election system’s integrity….


Trump taunt over Comey tape draws disbelief

June 13, 2017

Washington (CNN)Of all the piercing questions hanging over the West Wing, one of the most pressing is whether President Donald Trump has a taping system that captured his conversations with James Comey. Collins: Trump should give yes or no on tapes “It’s all hot air,” one person inside the White House said, speaking on condition of anonymity to describe internal water-cooler conversations. “Unless he had a recorder in his pocket,…


Trump: Qatar must stop funding terrorism

June 10, 2017

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump called on Qatar to stop funding terrorism, claiming credit for and endorsing the decision of Gulf nations to ostracize their neighbor, even as US Cabinet officials said their blockade is hurting the campaign against ISIS. In doing so, the President’s tone, if not his message, clashed with his most senior national security officials, highlighting the often mixed messages emerging from his administration since the Qatar crisis…


Here’s the single most telling line in James Comey’s Trump testimony

June 8, 2017

(CNN)James Comey’s 7-page opening statement in advance of his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday about his relationship with Donald Trump in the months before the president fired him as FBI director reads like a novel. Talk about two ships passing in the night. Trump, aggressive and oblivious to the rules of engagement, making a direct pitch to the FBI director for loyalty — and suggesting strongly that his…


Election 2017: What do leaders do in their spare time? – BBC News

June 4, 2017

Image copyright PA Image caption Theresa May often heads to the hills with her husband Philip Prime Minister Theresa May likes to stretch her legs up and down hills and mountains, saying she decided to call the current election while walking in the Welsh mountains. Mrs May has also said she and her husband Philip enjoy “quite strenuous walking up mountains in Switzerland”. It may be worth remembering that the…


Trump Should Be ‘Scared’ Of Comey Testimony, Says Former FBI Director’s Friend

May 25, 2017

President Donald Trump should be concerned when former FBI Director James Comey testifies before Congress later this month. That, at least, is the view from a self-described confidant of Comeys, Benjamin Wittes. Wittes spoke to CNNs Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night, telling the anchor, I thoughtit was interesting and very telling that he [Comey]declined any opportunity to tell his story in private. He clearly wants to do it in a…


Kevin McCarthy: Comment that Putin is paying Trump was bad joke

May 18, 2017

(CNN)House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says his assertion last year that Russian President Vladimir Putin was paying President Donald Trump was merely a bad attempt at humor. “That’s all there is to it,” McCarthy added. “No one believes it to be true.” The Post reported McCarthy said in a conversation with fellow Republican leaders: “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” according to a recording of the…


The James Comey memo is an existential threat to Donald Trump’s presidency

May 17, 2017

(CNN)The reporting coming out of The New York Times and CNN is explosive: Deposed FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo following a February 14 meeting with Donald Trump in which he says the President told him “I hope you can let this go” in regard to fired aide Michael Flynn’s role in the ongoing investigation into Russia’s efforts to influence the 2016 campaign. “Reluctantly I have to say yes,”…


Friend of Trump: Comey was not obligated to tell Congress

May 17, 2017

(CNN)A friend of President Donald Trump told CNN that former FBI Director James Comey should not have gone to Congress with the information he detailed in a memo — as some have suggested — explosive details from which were made public Tuesday. This source, who has knowledge of the legal issues surrounding Comey, said he “was in the middle of an ongoing investigation” and “everybody would lawyer up and head…


Why the radical history of Mother’s Day matters today

May 14, 2017

The Women's March is honoring the roots of Mother's Day with this new campaign.Image: Women’s March If you thought Mother’s Day started out as a ploy by greeting card companies to pocket your hard-earned money, you’re in for a big surprise. Though the annual American holiday became a commercial affair years after its founding, it actually began in 1905 as a way to honor the legacy of activist Ann Reeves…