How to Add Photoshop INSIDE Your WordPress Site using FotoPress image editor




The biggest problem with WordPress has been that their image/media features are TERRIBLE.
They haven't updated those in a long long time.
That's why Ankur and Raul created what I call is the…
 PHOTOSHOP for WORDPRESS and we've named it FotoPress.
Its adds a complete image editing suite right inside your wordpress site
that will allow you…
Search from over 2 million images you can use on your site.
These are Royalty-free images from 4 different sources.
Quickly EDIT images just like PHOTOSHOP.
Not just that…
It has LAYERS just like Photoshop for advanced graphics work.
Add Instagram like effects to images – make them stand out & look cool.
FIX images – never have to fire up a photo editing software again.
All wordpress sites badly need this feature and thats why you need to check it out today..
Every time you create a post or a page, wordpress site owners and content creators add at least one or two images.
Now you can FIND, EDIT, CREATE & INSERT any number of images from right within wordpress.
Never have to leave your site.
Never have to go looking for images or fire up a photo software.
Every wordpress site needs this.
It's what is MISSING from every wordpress site and this makes your site complete.

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How Add Photoshop Like Features to WordPress in just 1-Click using FotoPress

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